Treatment of Muslim detainees

It is very disturbing and aggravating to know and see that they honor all ways and acts of Christianity, Bring in people to hold bible study, have an abundance of bibles. But, yet Islam is barely noticed. They honor Ramadhan, but that is it. They don’t let us get Islamic materials, prayer rugs, no Imam, nor are they open to giving us one. The sergeants even go so far as complaining when we use our blankets as prayer rugs. Also they don’t hold Jummah Friday.

Also I mean not to offend anybody or their religion, I’m taught that every man has the right to worship according to their Consciousness. They are violating our constitutional right. I feel that this is unjust and not fair.

We should be able to have these things afforded to us. If you believe that every man has a right to worship as he pleases, which I’m sure you do cause if not you wouldn’t be able to worship as you do, then you should stand up and support this cause.

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