There are a lot of things wrong with this jail

I’m writing back to tell you there are a lot of things wrong with this jail.  If only I could videotape and document some of the things wrong here. To name a few:

  • Kids in daycare get fed better than us.
  • Trays we eat on have a very bad smell at times.
  • Milk and fruit be spoiled sometimes.
  • Grits and beans are on most of the trays.
  • Guards (just certain ones) power trip to provoke inmates.
  • They took us back for reasons unknown, no explanation.
  • Some inmates get money taken from their account for medical and they went two or more weeks ago.
  • Meds that are supposed to be delivered never make it.
  • They don’t seem to care about the health because it’s hard to get antibiotic or pain pills, only over the counter meds.
  • I had surgery and doctor prescribed meds; didn’t get.
  • Nurse here prescribed things I didn’t receive.
  • People and me have tooth problems that don’t get taken care of.
  • Lawyers don’t come to get clients.
  • People have been incarcerated as long as 5 years here and still haven’t finished their case (redundant).
  • Whole housing unit, rooms included, need to be disinfected.
  • They house us with known psychotics and underage inmates.
  • Guards seem to have authority to lock people in their room for days 23:1 lockdown.
  • No maintenance on weekend.
  • Toilet overflowing and fetus was on floor for entire weekend.
  • Cancelled VI September 23.
  • They had electronic problem same weekend.
  • Not to mention deaths nobody knows what happened.

Who governs the ones governing us?  We can get treated, however, and that isn’t a crime.  God sees what is happening and his will gonna be done.

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