I’m tired and some time feel like my life is over and like I’ve lost everything

I’m fine and I’m in good health. It’s just crazy what I’m going through and I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m 18 turning 19 on the 9th (August 9) , the father of a one year old lil girl and she’s all I think about. Now S—, I’ve come from a household where there’s struggle, but we as a family work hard together.

I used to play football in middle school, but I dropped out of school in the eighth grade & got caught up in the streets. I started gang banging and got shot. But through the time wasted, I’ve started a change in life. I stopped banging & decided to do right, I’ve started being a better father to my daughter, I’ve started learning how to tattoo, that’s what I wanted to do. Started staying the house, couldn’t nobody get me out the house, even my probation officer. His name was Melvin Roach. I was doing good, haven’t done no drug for a year going on two years.

Now The Crazy Moment of My Life ever…

One night I was chilling with some friends that was headed down the wrong path. We ended up at a big house one night where two friends was bout to do some wrong & I stopped them and told them I want them do nothing stupid we left. You got me?

The Next day or Two

Them same friends came to my house one night with an extra two people. One stayed at my house as the others left. So me and that one other sat on my porch as we wait to see where they went. As they pulled back up, they jumped out the car and the car kept driving, one with a gunshot wound to the back, the other with a gunshot wound to the arm, & the other friend just now he left. I called and got the one with the wound to the back help.

A few weeks later, I get a call saying my name had been brought up in a murder.

Now I’m charged with first degree murder and innocent. I’ve done nothing at all. My whole family hurt knowing I’m in Durham County Jail fighting for my life & they know I was home and ain’t done nothing.

But the one that come back with the others that I said came back with nothing wrong still out living life, while I’m in his shoes. It’s not right.

The food in here is not healthy. They feed you like a dog, they charge $20 for aspirin or ibuprofen, we locked in a cell for 17 hours a day and get treated like shit.

I’m tired

And some time feel like my life is over

And like I’ve lost everything.

I want and need my innocence proved. I’m going through Hell! 😦

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