“I’m not trying to die like he did”

I’ve been doing alright, trying to maintain and keep my spirits up. Because some days I do get down, I’m not gonna lie. A little about myself would be that I’m from Newark, NJ originally. I’m 26 years old. I dropped out-of-school in the 11th grade but in grade school I was a honored student. My first job was at UPS, then it became FedEx as a package handler. I lost my mom 6 days before my birthday, which changed my whole lifestyle on May 2, 2015. So I came to live with my brother in Durham. I got a couple of jobs in the time I’ve been down but I couldn’t keep them due to my lack of responsibility and if my brother wouldn’t of kicked me out with a job. IDK about my man’s death [Dashawn Evans]. I’m not trying to die like he did. It kinda got me shook, you know being in jail anybody could do something to you.


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