“Our laws enslave and our leaders hold the leash”

So many things are happening in the free world. Many want change and seek it out, yet continue to climb the wall of oppression that we as people have build. I know that sounds impossible but it’s true. All our laws we bend and add to and do away with, when we fight to change these we dig deeper the hole that will soon be our grave. Once we were a “free nation” or so we claimed, yet people were enslaved. We boasted freedom and still do, but our laws enslave and our leaders hold the leash. We fight, they pull, we are divided not truly united. When as a whole nation have we stood together on the major issues we are faced within our own borders?

We elect officials to represent our countries, cities, states, and the whole nation, how many of them really stand up for the people? Do they walk through our ghettos, trailer parks, and homeless streets and ask what can they do for the very people they represent? They say kind words and give promises when it’s time to vote and when they are elected they become shadows and make excuses why they can’t uphold the promises made. By our laws we elect them and by our laws he is protected. We try to change them and they bend and remake them. It looks good at the time until the fine print plunges us back into darkness. My hope is this: never give up the pursuit of the true love for one another that makes us equal in every way. Only then will we truly have freedom.

Our world leaders are blinded by power and the “king of the hill” mentality. They fight one another to be the best, they do not see one another as equal, and is then passed down to the people of these nations. Hate is like cancer that spreads until it devours its host. It has spread all over the world into the hearts of many. We have done this to ourselves, generation after generation it has been passed down, yet I have Hope!

Love is far greater than any amount of hate. As a people we could make a difference and an impact greater than we could conceive. It must start with the individual, then as groups with like minds & hearts. Many fight for equality yet do not stand equal.

Groups fight independently for rights, when we we all should stand together. This sounds impossible in the world we live I know. Love binds together, hate spreads apart. Until we understand this as a people, I am afraid we will destroy what we are fighting so hard for. . .

I am so ready to face my freedom. These cells work in two ways: they “break down” and they “build up”. I am stronger behind all this. I want you to know I am grateful for your letters, C—. I wish more people would write, but I am thankful for what you I do here. I wish I had a steady female companion to exchange letters of hope and to possibly build upon other than the extreme loneliness that my heart has become used to. You must forgive me, my emotions sometimes get the best of me. I also like to speak my mind and feelings.

-Wallace Eubanks

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