“This is not your business”

It happened one week ago. One of us is gone – one of our male inmates. The tragedy in jail – again: another death. We are sorry and scared. Frustrated. And of course; needless to say; we want to know the truth; we want to know what happened. It would be so natural and respectful if the jail administration informed us about this tragedy. It’s so clear that it shouldn’t have to be proven. Because the lack of information produces gossip. And also it produces fear. Let me start. My tablemate told me: it was suicide. The teacher from one of my classes thinks this man just took the wrong medicine. One girl is literally terrified. When they found his body the blood was everywhere in the cell, she told me. So we incarcerated people trying to figure out about that and started to ask those working in here. We deserve to know the truth at least because it happened in here where we live!! in jail!! But the officials disagree with our natural curiosity. “No, you should not ask, it has nothing to do with you” – those are literally the words of an official (let’s say her name is Mary). “Oh big pardon, ma-am! We are STILL HERE and want to be SAFE!” This is not the first case of death around us. It is not even the second. Now, a young 23 year old man has died. It is unrevocable. It’s scary and horrible in itself and also because we are in potential danger. Nobody in here wants to help us. Is it hopeless or can you help????


By F.L.

PS: (different author) The staff here does not care about the well-being or respect or dignity of the inmates. it’s like the staff only cares that you are here to do your time. Nothing else.

Signed by the women’s pod (see photo)signatures-womenspod

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