“Honestly, I don’t hate them”

God Bless

What’s up C—-,

Well as you know I am a inmate in Durham County Jail, I’ve been in & out jails & prisons since I was 16 years old. I’m tired 36 years young ready to break the chain. Durham County has been good to me programs, loving nurses, caring officers. I value my life, and some times I get hot headed, can be mean, and I will fight when coming off the streets on drugs angry I’m locked up. I don’t blame no one but myself. Sometimes officers can be uptight 0-tolerance meaning they’re not going to take any shit. Their jobs consist on protecting inmates & detainees making sure everyone’s safe, and jail is ran in a orderly respectful manner.

Sometimes officers aren’t so good we argue, come to a standoff of power & pride. They should be professional at all times, but they are only humans. These last two incarcerations has been hell officers has been mean to me, and I have said mean things and talked some shit but only after the way I been treated. I think the DO’s seek revenge. I must de-escalate these problems. Honestly, I don’t hate them, like I’ve been in some fucked up situations. Some DO’s take the time to listen to my problems, all DO’s aren’t bad, crooked, or corrupt, cool with the old school players new jacks just like these street punks in jail I pray for every one don’t want to fight or be misunderstood.

Closing I just wanted to share my feelings about some things I don’t want any trouble for the good DO’s just making sure I’m not hurt and the DO’s that are mad hopefully they will try to get over whatever I said or did. Cause I’m by myself here powerless under the officers will. I’m leaving Durham whenever I’m released on a quest to get a better life. I wish you the best. Keep doing what you’re doing for yourself cause we can’t change everyone, but we can change & control our actions, neither one of use should live in hate so let’s forgive & pray for those peoples that just don’t understand us hope to hear from you shortly. Stay strong.

Exodus 20:1-17

Hebrew 9: 11-15

Revelation 21 & 22 ch.

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