‘[T]he system paints a picture like we are monsters and not human’

Thank you for your letter. It gave me some hope, because I was loosing it. My son Amir was born today at 1:56am, so I am happy, but I’m hurting on the inside because I’m not there to hold him. I am supposed to go to court on April 3. I would love for you to be at my next court date. I would love to attend [IOA] meetings and support IOA in any way, because the system paints a picture like we are monsters and not human. I love the idea about abolishing bail because it’s outrageous. I never had these charges before, but my bail is $255,000, which I would never be able to post. All I want to do is be productive in the world by working – if I get a job – supporting IOA, and raising my son, but I don’t know how this will play out, but I hope and pray they give me another chance. Lord knows I will not come back here. This is not the place I want to be, so please help me before I lose it. I like to cook so can you send me some material on that, and something about success, and how to progress in society. Thank you again for listening to me. I really appreciate it. Please continue to pray that I get thru this and another chance, so I can be a father – that’s the most important thing I want to do. Please.

Thank you.

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