“Slaves had more freedom than us”

Dear D____ this writer is a friend seeking help.  I would like to start off by thank you for everything you did for us.  Its very bad in here They feed us sandwiches and expect for it to fill us up.  Then its been like 2 ½ weeks before they give us canteen that we paid for it like they treat us like slaves.  The food be so fake it don’t be cooked all the way.  I been here going on 180 days on the 17.  Its like the higher rank sergeants don’t care for us they talk dirty to judge us.  Can you please help us they lock us down a lot.  They hang our calls up its so bad they try to tase us.

We only come out two times a day 9am-12:45 and 4:00-6:00 and that’s it.  Our family have to pay to put money on our books.  They charge us $0.80 for one soup.  Slaves had more freedom than us.  We have to pay $20.00 to see a nurse the only way we go for free if it’s a life or death situation its sad I would like for you to go help us.  Then the lawyers try to make us take the worst plea when they know you when they know you ain’t do it.  Its crazy. Law office of Matthew Charles Suczynski



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