A Young Man Who Has Had Enough

Dear ____ & IOA

First thing first thank you for taking the time out of your day to write me it really means a lot. I’m actually thankful for you guys/woman for your support. Things are real rough in here, they feed us sandwiches 5 times out of the week, and other fake processed foods which doesn’t help the excruciating hunger pains that mot inmates stomachs cause or feel. Commissary sucks we haven’t received canteen for nearly 2 ½ weeks now nor ICares, and when we do get canteen it is never on time and its never everything we ordered is like they don’t care about us seriously, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The next issue that we go through is they lock us down whenever they feel I have been here 90 days and we have been (the whole jail) locked down 20 times for days at a time for no reasons. One time I asked sgt Cole (real big obese old man) why do we lock down for his response was “because this my jail and you people do what I say!!!” When I heard this I got on my knees in the cell that min and prayed for GOD to help not just me but all inmates.

The most major issue is out of 24 hours we only come out for 6 hours. So that’s 18 hours in a cell that’s 5 feet wide 10 feet long. A lot of time to get your mind right they say but in reality they really make people mind more unstable an more likely to go insane. The times we come out is 9:00am-12:45pm then 4:00pm-6:00m on that is the rest of your day takes place in your cell which is a shame even dogs have more freedom than we do I even think slaves had it better than us inmates in Durham County Jail. I have concluded in my mind this is modern day slavery at its worst and it is flat out wrong and injustice.

Another is how they keep you in here knowing your innocent like even in your legal documents it says you have no parts of the crime and they still hold you like why? Do you understand one thing you can never get back in life is wasted time, time stands still for no one. I really have lost hope in the justice/criminal system in Durham County.

I thank you for taking the time out to hear about our trials behinds these walls and hope that in due time even the mayor can help us… Yes you can use my letter in feedback and I hope you post it online and try to email the Mayor or city council or someone who can help because no ones know how they doing us and it need to be revealed. Thanks again write back soon.

Sincerely, a young man who has had enough, stand for something or fall for anything!!!

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