Officers are quick to say, put in a grievance cause they know nothing will be done

Thank you all, for being one of the few words to let us know somebody really does care. Inmates sometimes may go through a lot. Then, when you have officers. That chooses to come to work here. Gives you a harder problems. With their nasty attitudes. Just, like, they didn’t tell us to come to jail. We didn’t take them tell them to get a job here.

You have some officers. Who’s attitudes are so bad, and rude. They should be happy “were here”. Cause, they probably couldn’t find Any other type of work. I have this place. Jail isn’t supposed to be fun, but it’s okay to not be disrespectful and rude. When you are asking “I mean it”, tellin us to do something. Officers are quick to say, put in a grievance cause they know nothing will be done. That’s why officers are quick to say do it.

When you first get here, and no matter how many times you come back. Before you are let into population you have to watch this video. At the end of the video the sheriff says, while you’re here you will be treated with dignity and respect. We are disrespected when he said that.

I do want to write more. But cause of my anxiety, I have to write a little at a time. But again, thanks for thinking about us.

Oh please, can you please them stop giving us milk in plastic, instead of a milk carton. The employees drink milk out of a carton.


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