Call-in for Shatique Skinner

On Monday, we ask folks to call the Durham County Jail (919-560-0912) to put pressure on them to provide Shatique Skinner with proper medical care. Shatique has been locked up in solitary confinement for two years now and has been consistently denied his regular medication for schizophrenia. His parents are incarcerated and his sister has been advocating on his behalf. She asks that any and all who are able call the jail on Monday and demand that Shatique be released from solitary and that the medical provider, Correct Care Solutions, administer his proper medication. Please use the script below if you would like.

Call 919-560-0912 and ask to speak to someone in medical.
Hello, I am calling to demand that you release Shatique Skinner from solitary confinement and administer the proper medication for his schizophrenia. Shatique deserves to receive appropriate care for his medical condition. Care is not locking someone in an isolated cage because they have a mental health challenge. I demand that you provide Shatique with the medication for his condition immediately.

You can also write to Shatique at the following address:
Shatique Skinner
PO Box 1353
Durham, NC 27701

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