Will always be

The back

The one’s that’ll

Comfort you

When you’re feeling



Are the one’s

That’ll help form

A fist

When you’re ready

To strike a


The first one’s

To help you


After a fall


Has unconditional love

Through the good, bad,

And the ugly

The emotional times

The hard times

I say that

To say this

It doesn’t matter

Who you are

Or where you’re


You all came


For a purpose

So you got

To stay strong


Love and forgives

That mean whatever

The problem is

Its time to

Brush it off

And move on

Everyone of

You has something

Special to give

Put your minds


Fight towards


They want to

See you loose

But I know

You have the

Strength to win

Come together as


We have a

War to win

When I first wrote this poem, it was to lift the spirits and try to form some sort of bond to help the IOA.  But I can say these words go to any family going through any type of problems amongst themselves.  I don’t care what race gender or if you’re even related, if you come together for any cause or just love being around each other.  Family is family and life only comes around once.

– Ghost


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