‘Coming together to stop bails’

How are things going your way? Fine I hope. As for me, things are going okay, but things could be better. U say that groups are coming together to stop bails? I think about how a plan in one’s mind could affect their surroundings is a good thing. I really want you to know that GOD sent you because I need your help. I feel like my lawyer is holding back from me. Her name is Ms. Ingram. I let her know about how they treated me when I came in. That was in Nov. 2016. Miss Ingram stated that I would be receiving paperwork such as the two cases they indicted and the motion on my case. She has not gotten back with me yet. I think she’s doing this deliberately. Well, I hope to hear from you soon so I can tell you about whats supposed to happen in May.

Take care!!! – A.C.

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