Visitation is Posed to be Our Personal Time


Hope all is well with you & shall remain that way!  As for me, I’m maintaining just keeping a clear mind!  I ask for your deepest forgiveness because I got your letter on the 5th but since I been so busy trying to get in touch with my lawyer & my loved ones I just forgot about responding to your letter of support so I send my deepest apologies!  I appreciate a complete stranger taking interest in me because I do want to point out that there’s a lot of people in here who charges got sent to superior court without a probable cause hearing which is against our constitutional rights.  They supposed to give us probable cause hearings to dictate if there’s enough evidence to charge us with the charges we are being accused of & if not then the charges are dismissed or dropped to lesser charges or we (the accused) can waive our right but that requires us to sign our signature on some paperwork but yet people are being cheated out of their right to “due process”!  This same thing has been done to me which I am bringing to my attorney’s attention because its not right for justice is posed to be blind!  Anyways I wouldn’t mind continuing corresponding with you if you like & there’s only one author I enjoy reading & his books are “The Art of Seduction”, “The 33 Strategies of War” & “The 48 Laws of Power” all by Robert Greene.  I enjoy his books because they are more so based on one’s ability to analyze things & people! As far as visitation goes, I feel like the video visits are too invading in one’s personal life because they record the visits visually & audibly & that’s just not right.  We can’t talk to our own family members about our case because they recording out phone conversations & now they recording our visits I mean visitation is posed to be out personal time with our loved ones to talk about sensitive matters of the heart, of personal interest, family interest, I mean they have just killed any privacy that we once had with out family!  Anyways I’m not trying to hold you from your day so I appreciate you reading a letter from a stranger & hopefully I’ll hear from you soon enough!



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