That’s not how supposed to live

Hey Mrs. _____! It was nice for you write me out of so many people her in Durham County Jail.  But yes I would love your offer with the books + that’s if I’m still here.  I got court on the 21st + I should be leaving.  Hopefully!  But yeah being in here has been stressful for me knowing that I’m in here for nothing but it’s okay I guess, nothing I can do about.  God knows, but I really appreciate you writing me it shows that someone cares.  This Jail is ridiculous we’re locked back for 17 hours in a small room that’s not how we supposed to live.  I mean yeah we in jail but this isn’t right.  Our food don’t even be right at all.  The trays still be dirty from the day before + that’s not healthy at all.  The stuff they’re feeding us don’t be all the done, + the fact that the commissary food we order is not normal prices they taxing so much.  Deodorant is $3 and some change for a speedstick when out there in that world it’s $1.79 at Maxway.  This is unfair treatment.  I’m ready to go home this is stressful.  We eating breakfast at 5:30 am how is that healthy?  Locking back at 6:45 pm until 9:00 am in the morning.  Hopefully I’m going home soon anyway I can’t take this anymore.


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