Poetry: Black Man Listen

Black Man Listen

Before we didn’t have to curse u and yell like this

Things were different b’fo we got on

dem slave ships

Back then u vaulted ur queen’s


Wasn’t no trouble gettin yo ass to


Seems now yellin is tha best way to

get ya fuqn’ attention

Back then, a queen was her king’s

fuqn- equal

But then ya massa told u that we

were beneath u

Now it seems u only copin’ everything

that he do

N u wonder why black women have


Ignorant to the fact that we have

ALWAYS stood by u.

N on God’s green earth but NOTHING

Above u

N now when we need u much more

Than ever

U wanna bail cuz u jus can’t

take tha pressure

So u put it down, n I pick up

tht weight

N u like, yeah its ‘bout time dat u

gettin’ a break

Forgettin’ all the other ways I’ve tried

To help u

Forgettin’ even still, tht my load is

Heavy too

Ever since tha white man has conqured

Our families

Black Man u’ve got nothin’ to say

To me

I stand by n try to warn u of the

Dangers still

Tellin’ u it’s gettin’ closer and the threat

Is real

U gettin’ all mad and u acting


When he gonna see tht I am NOT

The enemy

He right there smiling in yo face

Distracting u wit in ya life wit style and grace

Pacifing u wit all the things u desire

(money seduction)

All the while, eyes closed, u headed straight

For hell’s fire (self-destruction)

N I’m steady tryna warn ya ass

But the devil’s got a hold on u wit a

Tight ass grasp

So tell me how wht tha fuq am I to


When I’m fightin’ wickedness n yo ass too

Fame n’ Forture are ur main destractions

White women is a fatal attraction

Black women is ya #1 subtraction

Self-destruction is two-thirds of this fraction

Add a drug, fuq it let’s add some more

Now the DEA come knockin’ at yo door

Subtract the black man

Then all u have is me

Already two kids

Pregnancy makes three

And the saga continues painfully.

  • Conscious Mind

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