Justice desires for us to protect the weak

Hey u! Smile! I truly hope my letter finds you and your students in extremely wonderful health and having a great new years! I want you to know that your letter reallllly made my day and gives me a lot of hope! It means the world to me to know that you care about me and that you are helping me draw attention to our plight! Thank you!

It blows me away to know that you are having discussions with your students about my prisoner’s situation! I’d really like to know what you think about what I bring up on my blog, etc….

You asked me if there is any questions i think they should reflect on? Sure! Smile! What happens to weak people or people who can’t defend themselves when we don’t protect them? We live in a cruel world where a lot of people prey on the weak, handicapped people, the old, and others that are not able to protect themselves! I think Justice desires for us to protect the weak and to speak up about injustice regardless what it is! I won’t lie I haven’t always cared about others! When I was a kid I didn’t value my own life so I can honestly say I didn’t care about others! It took being raped and beaten bloody to open my heart to other’s pain and suffering! I grew up in a rough world and when I came to prison it was even crazier! After I was hurt, I noticed what happen to me was going on all teh time but before this happen I didn’t realize it – or cared – we learn to mind our own business! But after this happened , I had a deep deep need to help the ones that were being hurt, etc! To me there is nothing that feels better than to be able to help someone that is being abused, etc! To see the relief in their yes when you stop someone from hurting them or standing up to someone that is mistreating someone! I will be honest with you – I don’t like sex offenders – but I don’t think anyone has the right to hurt them, mistreat them and if I see someone doing it – I set my own feelings and pain to the side and stop it from happening because hurting someone isn’t riht! Over hte years I have changed my views about them – and I have a few friends that have sex cases – I learned that they are only repeating what happened to them. Hurting them isn’t the solution!


Anyways, Thank you for the card! If you would like to stay in touch don’t be afraid to write!

…Once again, thank you for caring! It really gives me hope that my future will be brighter!

Love ya,


W… (Wake County)

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