I’m just ready to be free

How are you doing? Thanks for taking an interest in me and my case. I really need all the support that I can get.

No I didn’t wait to send that letter off, they just slow at things in here. But I received your letter that you wrote on 1-17-18 on today which is 1-22-18.

Yeah I’ve been in this nasty filthy environment almost a year and a half, I’m just ready to be free.

I’m an innocent man fucked up for someone else having drugs – that shows you the system does whatever they want to people. It’s a lot of people in here going through similar problems like mine so it gets hard at times because they will jack your bonds up high and put your court dates off so far that people will tend to forget about you.


Well, I’m not gonna talk your head off too much. I appreciate the love and support.


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