“They need to fix the law and keep these officers in check”

Dear C__,

This is G. K. I am here waiting to go to court Monday for probation violation. This is crazy that you must be at home when you don’t have to be in at a time given by the judge. I see if I had to be in at 7 pm but I just have probation. They need to fix the law and keep these officers in check on that. Because we have family’s and job’s out there and unless the judge gives a person a time to be in why do we have to be there when the probation officer comes. And the meds here aren’t the right ones that I take on the streets. The meds here are cheap and don’t work the like meds on the streets does. And they take their time seeing you in medical. Things around here need to change “SAP”. We need help in here. Thanks for helping us and I could use a book or two. Thanks,

Sign G. K.

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