New Years Survey, F.L

On December 11th IOA sent surveys in to every detainee in the Durham jail for over 30 days asking them questions about their concerns in the Jail and what they’d like to see IOA do about it.
What are your biggest current concerns regarding the Durham County Jail?
There can’t be a biggest concern, because of everything extremely bad here and need to be changed completely. Medical and dentist shouldn’t take $20 in any case. Maybe start with that?

What issue(s) should Inside-Outside Alliance focus on in the coming year?

You need to focus on changing this ridiculous schedule. We shouldn’t be locked back in our cells at 6:45pm for the night, it’s not normal. Not normal to have breakfast at 5:30a.m. It’s even not healthy. Can you help with this?
Also, would be nice to have one more visitation day.

What action(s) would you like to see Inside-Outside Alliance organize?

Protests, action in any way. Demonstration, petition to governor and sheriff. Letter to state and country government. Let to know all people around what’s going on here. Talk show on TV, radio, etc…

Had you heard of Inside-Outside Alliance before? If so, which of our actions (Friday protests, publishing “Feedback”, etc) do you think are most effective or ineffective ?

Yes I did. I heard of IOA since I am in jail (16 months). I want to say thank you (all of you) very much. Your help is precious.

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