New Years Survey M.C.

On December 11th IOA sent surveys in to every detainee in the Durham jail for over 30 days asking them questions about their concerns in the Jail and what they’d like to see IOA do about it.  These are the responses of one female detainee, M.C.

What are your biggest current concerns regarding the Durham County Jail?

They need to understand that the cells are cold and we be complaining about the need of blankets, heat.  They also need to stop this 23 & 1 that we are on. I am not happy about just coming out of our cells at 9-12:45 then 4-6:45 even though its an hour an 45 minutes that their taking away we shouldn be able to have that time as well. Oh one more thing, it shouldn’t be issues about people wanting to finish the education no matter how old they are. It shouldn’t be just 16-24 it shouldn’t have no age range on getting your G.E.D.


What issue(s) should Inside-Outside Alliance focus on in the coming year?

Helping out people that’s having problems with having high bonds on petty things like not having a place to live, helping the elders with mental health issues or illness, having more churches coming and bringing the gospel of god to help save a soul. More education courses for ones that wants phds, MBAs, ie etc, things of that nature.


What action(s) would you like to see Inside-Outside Alliance organize?

Helping out the ones you see that fits the eligibilities of help to get there lifes back on the right track, help find them housing, jobs education, upon release from jails and prisons.


Had you heard of Inside-Outside Alliance before? If so, which of our actions (Friday protests, publishing “Feedback”, etc) do you think are most effective or ineffective ?

To be honest, this is my first time hearing about this organization it seems there are people out their in the world that wants to help us out that the system keeps messing with and feel like they can because society or the community doesn’t want to help us because of the mistakes we have done.

Thank you for asking,

Sincerely, M.C.

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