New Years Survey H.

On December 11th IOA sent surveys in to every detainee in the Durham jail for over 30 days asking them questions about their concerns in the Jail and what they’d like to see IOA do about it.   This letter was sent by a 16 year old being held inside the Durham Jail, H.


New Years resolutions: What Does Justice Look Like in 2018?

Justice looks so beautiful but sometimes it sounds to good to be true

What are your biggest current concerns regarding the Durham County Jail?

Living here any longer.  This is not a place to be.  They food col & nasty.  They don’t care about you or what you going through.

I don’t want to be here no more.  I cry almost every night about it.  I been locked up for 17 months, since I was 15.  I can’t keep living in here, this is not home.  I WANT MY FREEDOM BACK.


What issue(s) should Inside-Outside Alliance focus on in the coming year?


Young kids like me being trapped in a system like this.

Help them learn that there other things in life that’s better than this way.

I’m 16 and could be facing life.  I don’t want to go to prison.  I want to go home, live like a 16 year old and get my high school diploma.  I think ya’ll could help with people who don’t want to go on no more & people who getting out and don’t know what to do.


What action(s) would you like to see Inside-Outside Alliance organize?


A lot of people in here need a push, like me, I’m 16 & my life could be over before it even started.  If ya’ll can think of some kind of comfort (like sending cards, or something)  I know that will help.


Had you heard of Inside-Outside Alliance before? If so, which of our actions (Friday protests, publishing “Feedback”, etc) do you think are most effective or ineffective ?


I have not heard of “IOA”

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