New Years Survey D. S.

On December 11th IOA sent surveys in to every detainee in the Durham jail for over 30 days asking them questions about their concerns in the Jail and what they’d like to see IOA do about it.  This survey is from man in the Durham jail, D. S.

What are your biggest current concerns regarding the Durham County Jail?


We need to have violent and non-violent separated.

We need to have old and young separated

When ex-inmates re-enter society, we need to take into consideration service work they do in their neighborhood just incase they are ever arrested again so it could be included for decision making for judgements

We need to award ex-inmated for their good, and stop just looking at the mistakes made.


What issue(s) should Inside-Outside Alliance focus on in the coming year?


To be more effective you need ex-inmates to spearhead this movement.  They can identify better for the needs of other inmates.  There should be a court established just for non-violent inmates who struggle with addition issues.  Drug court is good but it is too regimented.  I would like to join your coalition and help.


What action(s) would you like to see Inside-Outside Alliance organize?


We need to organize a campus for inmates as a alternative sentencing place.

3 phase year program and inmates run it.  In exchange for staying there they will work and maintain lawn maintenance, kitchen, community support services ect.

Affter graduation they will return and be a peer for the new comer at least 6 months.


Had you heard of Inside-Outside Alliance before? If so, which of our actions (Friday protests, publishing “Feedback”, etc) do you think are most effective or ineffective ?


Protests are ineffective.  Publishing and Feedback opens a door for hands on approach to eliminate returns to jail.  This is a major issue in our community.

Protest are ineffective we shouldn’t have to beg for justice.  It should be given in a democratic nation.  Publishing and Feedback are really effective if a hands on approach is created through dialogue to attack the exact nature of this systematic racist system.  Forgive my writing, its hard for us to get pencils believe or not.


P.S. Something needs to be done about medical.  I have a aggravated hernia the size 2 golf balls.  I need surgery and have not been allowed to go get it.

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