Thanks for reading and understanding my story. I have it to you “in short” of course. But the truth is the truth. A lot of people sell drugs to get by. But that does not make them a bad person. Some of them wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But in a courtroom, somehow, were looked at as THUGS- HOODLUMS-KILLERS…ETC. And might’ve only sold a bag of reefer. Is the word THUG even in the dictionary?? Cause a district attorney has called me that in the courtroom before. And I’ve been called “a Menace to Society”!! Why, because I sold some cocoa leaves. Cocoa leaves that they (the government) put here. They get the drugs over here so they can make more money. Do some history on the Miami skyline- it was made with drug money. Same as the construction of high rise buildings in New York. It was made with drug money from the Italian mafia and mob. Then when street level drug dealers, second in command or the man behind the curtain is arrested (no matter the race) we have to pay drug taxes. Bail bonds, court fees and fines as well as attorney fees. And who is this money going to? Mr. Government!! It’s a vicious cycle from the money hungry IRS. I once heard this statement, “What’s yours is the I.R.S.”! Tell me if that ain’t the truth. LOL!!

I really like what y’all doing with the the whole IOA movement! The longest I’ve spent in that Durham County Jail was about 3-4 months. I seen more crimes get committed by officers than inmates. They brought in drugs, let inmates get assaulted by other inmates, and the physical abuse was the worst I’ve ever seen. I seen guards beat up one of my closest friends while he was handcuffed in the back. Then they threw him in the room, opened the flap on the door and sprayed mace all over for several minutes. It was so bad, he had to go to Duke Hospital in the an ambulance. He’d inhaled soooo much mace that he was throwing up green stuff all over hisself. I certainly wish IOA was out around that time. I would’ve been the first one to write y’all LOL! Then you said something about them gentrifying downtown. I’ve heard about that from my cousin. That’s cool with me cause it gives tourist more to do. Durham has been boring since around 2004 or 2005. A lot of bars and clubs that was downtown got shut down for various reasons. People used to have to go to Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte etc. just to have a good time.

-Lizard (from Pasquotank CI)

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