“Thrown to the wolves”

You and your organizations are the best thing to ever happen to inmates. I will support you now and forever. When I get out, I’m joining IOA and plan on helping in any way that I can. You got real deep on me with the “Nixon Era” history part. The U.S. government bringing cocaine and heroin to the United States for financial gain is very true. Cocaine is a white person’s drug. If a person is caught with seven grams of heroin, its labeled as trafficking and the dealer gets anywhere from 4 to 8 years mandatory. Unless you snitch and give up a bigger supplier. The fines also cost more for possession of heroin. Its also a more serious crime and higher fines for crack cocaine versus powder cocaine because more blacks use and sell crack cocaine. And while I’m on this subject, lets never forget that the BLACK PANTHERS group formed to protect black people from the KKK was dismantled by the US government buy the Ku Klux Klan still exist today.

Not only do they exist, but they’re able to hold meetings and have rallies right on public streets. But black people ca n’t have a group to protect themselves? Ain’t that about a bitch!?

After the murders down here at Pasquotank correctional on October 12th 2017, we’re still on lockdown all day. We get 1 hours out our cells on mon-wed-fri. We’re locked in them the weekend. Our food is brought to us from the kitchen and by the time we get it, its cold. They’re violating my (our) mail. Any outgoing mail is not suppose to be opened ore read. That’s a federal violation, I’ve written letters to my mother and 3 of my girlfriends and they have been opened. In one situation, they kept a letter that I wrote and stole the picture that I was sending to my homie. When I received the word that my mail was being opened, and I sent out a “dummy note” talking a lot of BS to see if I would get searched. Not only did I get searched, they sent the PERT team (prison emergency response team) to tear my shit up. They ransacked my room and broke my radio, stole personal pictures, 3 bottles of cologne oil, squirted out my lotion and shampoo in the sink, went thru over 300 pieces of mail and scattered it all over the top and bottom bunk. Then when they didn’t find anything they throw 2 rolls of tissues in my toilet for no damn reason. I’m not the type to fill out a grievance because (to me) that’s a form of snitching. Even tho its directed towards prison police. But they went too far when they stole my personal pictures. So I wrote it up to administration how they stole pictures of me and my mother and pictures of me and different women in the club and pics of me and my banshee 4 wheeler. In all prisons and jails, the officers are the worst gangs. They look down on bloods and crips and say a lot of people join gangs for protection. But they’re worse than crips and bloods cause they’ll run in a room with 9 officers and beat up one inmate. The smallest guy will talk shit to an inmate cause he has 5 officers with him. If that same guy ran across that same inmate at Wal-mart he wouldn’t say a damn thing to him. And if it was an argument the officer would run the other way. These officers in jails and prisons across America try to act so tough on the job. Outside of these walls without 200 officers on their side, STRAIGHT UP PUSSIES I don’t know if you can print that. If not just use the word “soft”!!

It’s a shame how these officers abuse their position of power. Ironically, the people who abuse their power most is black people. Especially black women. Its like they instantly get on a power trip because they have control over men. They wanna see how far they can go. Prison is full of poor people. Why? Because the system prays on poor people. Example: 2 people can catch the exact same charge. 1 has enough money for a lawyer, the other 1 doesn’t. No money for a lawyer means no money for the district attorney. So the person without money is thrown to the wolves. The with money is given a fine to pay for 1 year probation. And this happens in every courtroom in every city and state of America. We’re servied with injustice in the courtroom and injustice inside of prison, but inside outside alliance has finally given us a voice to bring this injustice to light. We couldn’t thank you enough for everything you do. I can’t wait to see the point where” Feedback” is thick as a 200 page book. Maybe then things will finally change/ So you *(who is reading this) write to IOA pass feedback to the next cell and have them write too. We “THE INMATES” can be heard now. Lets expose all of the wrong doings going on behind these walls. Thanks again IOA for all that you do! Its very appreciated. THANKS,


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