This racist system we tolerate


I got your address from an inmate here at the jail: I’m so inspired to know it’s people like you on the outside concerned about this racist system we tolerate.

This is not to say I overlook my role in this but far too many of us are here who have never committed a violent crime.  As you probably already know that 88% of inmates incarcerated are in here because of crimes related to drug use.  Addiction is the most misunderstood disease it is.    Instead of the system dealing with us addicts in a more responsible way, they concentrate on the symptoms; lock us up and throw away the key

I am a black man, fourty-eight years old who have dealt with the disease of addiction since October 1988.  I was 31 then and prior to being introduced to drugs (cocaine) I’d never been in trouble. I had no reference base of knowledge about a addict nor addiction prior to that first hit I took.  If in fact I had a knowledge about it, I wouldn’t have tried it.

People who are non-violent as myself should not be harshly dealt with as people who are violent.  Non-violent addicts as myself should not be treated as someone who is a obvious threat to our communities.

Outside of the unfair treatment concerning those non-violent inmate 58% of people housed in these jails and prisons throughout North Carolina are black.  This is not by coincidence, this is obvious and powerful systematic racism considering we make up 12% of the population here in the State of North Carolina

What really annoy me is the fact of how many black people work in these positions enforcing this racism.  And in my experience of dealing with them, they take great pride in participating in this oppressive system.

In closing, I’m incarcerated for possession w/the intent to sell and distribute.  I have never sold drugs!  Briefly, I’ve been taking care of this woman, 50 yrs old, white and handicapped who is homeless and an addict to heroin and cocaine.  Her name is C_____ _______ and her # is **********.  I found her in an abandon house during winter and several guys were abusing her.  I immediately took her in.  She have no family outside of her mom who don’t want to have anything to do with her.  Five years and no one has called or sent her anything!  That night I made her my family.  We are not and have not been sexually involved.  I had called and was outside picking a little dope and crack for her one might in a heavy drug area (Umstead & Dawkins).  She was sick badly because of the heroin.  As soon as I purchased it and the car had pulled off, some white police offers dashed from around an abandon house and asked me to be searched.  I had dropped the drugs on the ground.  I denied to be searched and they did it anyway.  I had no drugs on me.  They saw the drugs on the ground, they arrested me and charged me w/the possession with the intent and distribute.  They also took forty dollars from me.

I have not been in trouble in double digit years prior to this and now they’re considering charging me with a habitual felon.

I am a licensed minister, veteran, and once had a security and insurance business.  I’ve had recovery houses, gotten people of the street doing drugs have been a respected person in the fellowship of N.A.

I am

D. S.

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