All I seen was a run down dirty ass pod!


Deputy: Sheriff what you going to do about these $283,000 given to Durham County Jail to open up the mental health pod?  People are starting to ask questions.

Sheriff:  Hell, keep putting the public off, shit deputy how much safer can they be.  There only about to get out for 3 hrs a week.  How those mental dumbasses going get hurt in the hole.  With the rest of them bastards that’s causing us trouble in my jail!

I was in 3A pod.  This is the new mental health pod.  It is now temporarily classification.  The jailors said they were painting 3B which is classifications.  Note, they said 8 months or so they were working on 3A, preparing it for mental health.  I seen no new work at all!  All I seen was a run down dirty ass pod, period!

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