My Anthem

I’ll be damned

If I would

Stand and Show


For america

And its flag

Why stand and worship


That could

Give a damn

About my black ass

The president

Said its disrespectful

To our military and country

This country

Is a joke

And you’re the

Appointed fun dummy

But here’s one question

Now answer this

For me

If its so


To the country and military

Then why don’t we

Sing the whole


The third verse

Too be particular


Come up with

That answer

Its always been

Them (Government)

Then us

They’re in control

Over everything

They could care less

About us

I stand for

Our creator


The man

That made me

Fuck the Feds,

CIA, Home Land Security

And all the other


Fuck the flag,

And other government

Flunkies too

I stand for God

I’ll be damed

If I worship




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