‘I refuse to let them break me’


How are you doing? Sorry about writing you all back so late, I’ve just been going through a lot. But I’m doing a lot better now, so you will be hearing from me more often. I hope this letter gets to you quickly and finds you in good spirits and health. How is life on the outside for you? Things have been up and down for me, but I stay praying and strong. I refuse to let them break me or let them make me fold. But I can tell you this: they sure is trying their best. They took our shoes and making us buy the ones off canteen, which cost almost 20 dollars to play basketball in. We get hurt playing in regular shoes, so just think about how many people going to get hurt wearing shower shoes. This shit crazy. If you don’t got money, then you ass out. SMH. They feed us the same shit back to back. In our pod, the toilet has been broke for some days and overflowing, and when you order canteen they be out of stock on most of the stuff on the canteen list. And let’s not forget being locked back for no reason at all, and c.o.’s still treat you like shit. They been doing work in pods to prevent people from killing their self. Other than that, nothing new in D.C.J., same-ol’-same-old shit. Yes, I’ve gotten your letters, just been stressed out about my case and what my lawyer talking about. I don’t trust the mail service here, either, but for the most part I think I’ve gotten all your letters. It’s just hard not having people support, getting letters and visits and stuff…You have my word you’ll be hearing from me more often. Sorry again about that. Well, take care for now. Stay strong and keep in touch.

The struggle.



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