One Body, Different Colors: a poem

There’s no longer

A union

Damn sure ain’t

No confederacy

So why is there

So much racism

The shit is really

Starting to

Get at me.

Yes, African-Americans

Were slaves

Yes, the caucasians

Were the

Cause of it

But it’s part of

American history

Something said

And done

There’s no need

To hold on

To it

I know

It hasn’t

Went anywhere

Probably never will

But it doesn’t

Give us a reason

To look at

Each other

Skin color

And long to kill

We can’t change

The past

And God meant

For it

To be that way

It’s 2017

Get your mind

Focused on

What’s happening today

There’s hungry people

In the streets

Many more suffering

In prisons and jails

But we rather

Go to war

Over skin color

And kill ourselves

Police shooting

Innocent people

Both black and white

Innocent Hispanic

Men and women

Forced out

By the antichrist

In less than a year

The country

Has went up in

An uproar

Over one man

Stepping in the office

At the rate

We’re going

He’s going to lead

All of us

To the coffin

I’m American

You’re American

We should unite

As one

Instead of killing

Each other

Over stupidity

And skin color


On this earth

Was pushed out

By a woman

We all bleed

Red blood

We will all

See death

It don’t matter

What color

Purple, blue, black or white

Come together as one

And stop this

Unnecessary fight


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