Kick Rocks ABL

img068Hell if you like beans and rice most everyday, then you don’t need to read any farther? Hell lets have ABL kick rocks and just and just have Durham County famous trusties take over.  A TV dinner would be a cheaper and better tasting and a bigger portion!

It cost Durham County around 4 dollars for 3 meals for each detainee, and they quoted back in June-Oct 2016 better food and bigger portions. “My god speak out” use Inside-Outside Alliance Feedback! Help us tell what really on these food trays.  Lets prove what ABL stands for, because they have no quality standards.  Lets replace these snack trays, even if we must cook for ourselves.  Why must we go to sleep hungry each and every night.  HRC needs to do better as well and start caring about how ABL and Aramark are feeding off Durham County Jail detainees!


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