“They made me feel like they didn’t care if I got hurt or not”

Assalamu Alaikum,

Hello sister, How are you? Well to start off my name is —–. A guy by the name of —– wrote me, and I will write him also. But I’ve had your name and PO Box address for a while. I’m in on some serious charges but Insha Allah I make it home to my family safely. So, I’m actually writing to get a better understanding of the meaning of us writing to you guys and by chance if I go to prison will you continue to write me? Also, well as for the stay or my jail experience this time around I have only been in here since June 20, 2017, and it’s been horrible. I was in a pod 4D that’s full of young guys with high bonds such as murder, robberies, you know things of that nature. But to start off my bond is $1,030,000. That’s right, a million, thirty thousand. There are people in here who have killed people and their bond is not as high as mine. Okay, back to the pod 4d: there was an incident where my life was threatened. So, like any sane person would do, I went to the detention officer and let him know I felt my life was in danger. Okay, this is what they do: packed up my belongings and locked me in a cell by myself, still in the pod, to humiliate me, and then tell the inmates I’m being reclassified. So, now, 1) I’m labeled, 2) I’m locked back. This is the punishment for any disciplinary write-up an inmate gets. Now, mind you, I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m: 1) locked back, 2) have been exposed as trying to check off, and to top it off they give me the cold half-size portion of food they give to those in the hole or locked back (disciplinary). When I asked the CO Parker, why am I being treated as if I’m on disciplinary, he told me in a loud and harsh tone: stop complaining.

They made me feel like they didn’t care if I got hurt or not. But because I needed to move they were going to humiliate me first. So, am I responding the way I’m supposed to. And again, please, EVERYTHING I ever write you is truth my sister. I would not lie. But write me back ASAP. And disclose how I can help you, help me.  

Assalam u Alaikum


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