“you know what I told him L_____ that he whould never understand”

Hi Miss L____, and thanks for writing me.  Yes I would love to receive some free books.  And thanks for protesting for us inmates behalf you guys are angles on earth J. Well things in here the Durham Co. Jail are still the same we still have old water in our food-trays the toilet pipes are rusty and mess-up back-up you name it!  It is so bad in hear I kind of see why some inmates comit sueaside.  I’m not. Now some inmates come inside off the streets on herion and they are real Dope-sick and bein Dope-sick is a real ass-kicker your body hurts all over you can’t eat cold sweats at nite also you shit on yourself everyday until you get your stenth back and you can only eat sweets to funcktion.  Their are people that are seriously hurt and fucked up in the head right now in Durham Co. Jail that need the proper medical attention

Like my friend C_____ his spine is is jacked up some nerves or something and he needs to be in the medical ward and they wont let him go to it.  Now these guys that are Dope sick still move around jump up and down but my friend C_____ has a serious ingery but they rather put the dope sick guy in the medical ward just because he shitting on himself man that’s crazy and another thing I don’t have anything about Mexacans we are all equal in God’s eyes not man. Like when the church people come and fellow ship with us inmates, black inmates our time gets cut short, but when the Mexican or Hispanic church people come to fellowship they are given more time.  One guard tride to make me leave out the multiypurpose rome because their was Hispanic church people coming.  The guard ask me Do you know hispanis, what does it matter.  The people where hear to bring God’s word and I was goin to hear it no matter what language it came from so I lied and said yes J

And the whole time, which was a hour ½ and us black folk don’t get an hour. And when the Hispanic man was finish speaking the word of God in Spanish guess what he said to me in English

I can speak English and we talked for awhile.  When I left the room the black guard sad to me, well he ask me. S did you learn something you know what I told him L_____ that he whould never understand

Thanks L____ for listening to me

I’ll be out in _______

Please keep in contact with me.


Think of me Smileing

Think of me Healthy

Think of me Free

Even tho where I’m at

I’m still happy to be

Good old Me.


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