“I’m imprisoned even in my sleep”

Home I was Sent, By Wallace Eubanks

Death…Death…Oh why do you taunt me
Always in the back of my mind do you haunt me
I hate your words that sound so sweet
All lies and in the end deceit
You claim many victims and you want me the same
It’s not my time so stop calling my name
I’ll fight you with every beat of my heart and every breath I take
For this life is not all mine and I’ll not give for your sake
So when I’m gone and my time spent
Death did not take me…for it was home I was sent

Another Blade, By Wallace Eubanks

Painful memories haunt me daily
Even my heart seems to betray me
Chained and bound screams become a familiar sound
I miss how birds sing their morning song
Oh why must I sit behind these walls so long
A pain in my chest burns like a thousand sharp blades pushed deep
I’m imprisoned even in my sleep
Freedom is the price I’ve paid
A thousand in my chest, so what’s another blade

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