‘This is not an excuse’

Show Mercy

I know we

Might’ve made

Some idiotic decisions

In the life

Of being thugs

We human like you

We’re the same

So only God

Can truly judge

You can’t knock us

For what we know

There wasn’t a silver spoon

The only choice

Was kick a door

We gotta get it

How we live

Yes, sometimes we do

Have remorse

Look at the story

From both sides

Think twice

Before you make

Dat choice

You would do

What it takes

To take care

Of your family

You had betta connections

For us

Selling drugs and robbing

Made it happen

It’s not what

It looks like

We don’t do

This shit

For the passion

So show a little sympathy

If nothing more

That’s all I’m asking

This is not

An excuse

This is truly what’s happening.

We live in an economy where lots of underprivileged black, Hispanic and Caucasian men and women who are forced to do the unthinkable to survive cause there wasn’t a silver spoon passed down to them like most of the politicians that run this country. They look down on us like savages when in reality they’re the ones in the wrong. They sit on their thrones being waited on hand and foot while some lower class family is trying to live off next to nothing. So as men and women we turn to the ways of our surroundings to make ends meet. So to the government in general, show some mercy. It’s Dog Eat Dog! Living life in the streets, how can we better ourselves when we haven’t had chance and opportunity?


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