“Everything about DC Jail is messed up.

Thank you for writing me and giving me the Feedback.  Its still the same in here it sucks.  I been here 100 plus days waiting on my motion of discovery.  I haven’t been to court one time for the charge they said I’m in here for.  We have to wait until they feel like working to get things going.  We come out for 6 hours a day and get hardly anything on the treys to eat.  Everything about DC Jail is messed up.  Its my first time here and it the worst jail I been to.  The COs are rude and do what they want.  I don’t have hot water in my room I have been saying something for two weeks now.  They don’t have to be in our spot so it doesn’t bother them.  They need to work on fixing everything to make it a better place even though we are being held it could be better.  Thank you for your time and writing hope to receive more letters from you.

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