‘You’ll never succeed in walking if you don’t take the first step’

July 6, 2017


Whats up? I’m living, just trying to keep this jail from stealing my spirit. Yea, I passed word to a couple people in my pod about writing and giving their thoughts on our visits or incarceration problems period. I still hear a lot of complaining, but not enough writing. I say this to everybody behind these walls: You’ll never succeed in walking if you never begin to take the first step! We might be down, but we ain’t out. As to answering the question in the reader’s poll (from feedback 31) I haven’t had the chance to take any type of school courses since my forty-one month stay in DCJ. They always told me no or the GED program wasn’t allowed in my pod, which is stupid. What makes me or anybody else in my pod different from the rest of the jail? I feel as though they should let anybody who wants to get an education regardless of their charge or pod do so. For starters, it’s something positive. Two, it’s taking a step in the proper direction, and last, the program is already allowed in the building. But they find some way to make our life hell everyday. –Ghost

“When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” –Luke 22:32


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