‘Could you imagine driving that far to sit in front of a video screen?’



I owe you a response from a letter you wrote to me on March 27. You met my dad outside the jail and he gave you my name and information.

Since I’ve received that letter, a lot has happened. Indeed, unfortunately, we lost Niecey from the women’s pod, and I did not know her personally, but it still put everyone who heard of her death on edge. The tension could be felt in the air, and all of the detention officers were receiving dirty looks from detainees. Even those who were not even working on the night of the situation. Things could have grown dangerous on either side. Thank God, from at least my perspective and in my pod, we had no further issues pertaining to that. 

Even so, more has gone on. The jail has started setting up the kiosks (video visits pads) upstairs in the visiting area. When they set them up, they even lock us back for half the day to be out of the way of the process! Thing is, we are inside the pod, on the outside, totally on the other side of the door leading to the visitation booths, so it makes no sense to lock us back for half the day! Either way, it seems as though our opinions thus far count for nothing…but that won’t stop me from voicing said opinion.

I received a letter from IOA regarding the county commissioners office and I responded by writing them at the clerk of the board’s office. Prayerfully, we’ll make a dent in this video visitation situation. It sucks most because I’m not even from here, I just so happened to be working here when I caught my charge. All of my family and friends live 2-3 hours away! So the few that are able to come see me drive all that way to see me for 20 minutes! Could you imagine driving that far to sit in front of a video screen instead of actually seeing their loved one in person?!

But I digress…I pray God fixes all. I’m sure he will. Till then, I’ll keep on living. Thanks for reaching out!


P.S. You are more than welcome to post this in your publication. These things need to be heard!

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