‘Sometimes you got to take a stand to make a point’

Hello —

Just give me some damn hot water!

I’m just writing to say thanks for your support. I’ve been here 4 years and I’ve watched the drastic changes and impact you and IOA have had on the jail. Where we won’t be heard as inmates, you all at IOA are definitely our voice of reason that won’t be denied. I had to base on officer Coleman punk ass (excuse my language) the other night. So the cell I’ve been put in, the hot water button don’t work (not that if it did any would come out, anyway), so I have to resort to asking the night-time officer to let me out so I can get some hot water out of the janitor/mop closet just to cook my food. So, this particular night, officer Coleman of the 3rd floor was working. We’ve had problems in the past, so I assumed an altercation was inevitable. When I asked, he refused me water. When I told him my button didn’t work, he said it wasn’t his problem. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but technically it is his problem. State regulations says we are to have access to hot and cold water while in our cells. When I requested the sergeant, he denied me, which I was under the impression was a request that was supposed to be obliged. He said he wouldn’t call. So I kicked the door (of course–that always gets their attention). He came to my door and we had a verbal dispute before the sarge came and told me I couldn’t have any hot water. You know what I realized though? I never got wrote up, after all the cursing and inviting his punk ass in my room for a physical fight and name calling, which we both said some disrespectful things, but I realize I wasn’t wrote up because they were in the wrong from the start. Any other time I might have went to the hole. Lol, which I was prepared for. My point is even if you still don’t get results, sometimes you still got to take a stand to make a point. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.


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