‘They got a lie for every question people throw at them’



What’s up IOA, thanks for writing. Ain’t nothing changed around here, it only gets worse. I do want to point out that the jail claims that they’re not going to do away with our face-to-face visits, that they added the video visits to give us more time with our family, in other words it’s pose to be a win-win for us. Damn shame! They got a lie for every question people throw at them. If it was all about us getting more visits with our family, then why not give us face to face visits all throughout the week instead of spending money on all this new equipment? I personally feel that the deputy that spoke to the STARR program was full of shit. He just told us what we wanted to hear. They’re going to have to prove me wrong. But, at the same time, I sit back and listen to my fellow inmates complain about not wanting this whole video visit thing to happen, but act as though they’re afraid to voice their opinion about the situation because of what the next person got to say. I feel like this: I don’t give a damn what ya race is, what you bang, or where you from, cause if you got on that orange, blue or red uniform, you are fighting somewhat the same fight as the person next to you. All that other shit is out the window. If y’all really don’t want to be visiting your loved ones on a screen, stand the fuck up–be the men and women you are and voice your opinion. Them guards get to go home at 5 and 8. While you’re sitting behind these walls, they go home to their families. We don’t, so stand up to your rights as a person. It’s not their visits that’s being taken, it’s yours. Stop letting these disrespectful guards treat you any way. We human like them. Ok, they can lock us back. So why not get locked back for standing up for something that has to do with you? And I’m not just speaking on the visitation thing when I say that. I speak on the ways they treat us in general. Also, to my baby Bubbles, my brothers Fox LD and da fam over in 3D hold ya head.

Until next time–Ghost

Remember those in prison as is you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

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