‘They’re trying to get over on us inmates’

May 14

What’s good IOA? Thanks for writing. Ain’t nothing changed, it only gets worse by the day. To answer your question about the whole video visitation IDK what the hell is going on. I’ve heard one too many stories.

“This is what surveillance looks like?”

They claim that they’re going to start off by letting us do video visits throughout the week and still have face-to-face visits on our assigned visitation days. Then they plan to move into all out video visits, which is dumb. They’re trying to get over on us inmates. We all know we’re going to be recorded through that whole process and all it takes is for somebody to start talking about their case with their loved ones saying ohh, blank blank blank, and the next thing you know the DA is playing the video as you whole conversation in court. Bottom line is there’s no privacy! The phones are already tapped and they’re making hell of convictions off them. Now they want to tap the visits. One of the excuses is it would be better for our loved ones out of town. BULLSHIT. That’s what we have the u.s. postal service for, and if that is true (NOT), why in the hell our families have to pay for their video visit. The damn phone and canteen already taking enough money, now the damn visits? Shit is crazy. But I have to go, got a couple other people to write to. Once again, thanks to those who were willing to get locked up for us. I hope everything went well for you in court. And Melanie, I liked ya new poem–you should try making a book.



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