‘Face-to-face visits are the only time we feel human’


It was good to get a letter from you in this dark place. How are you? I’m doing about as good as I can in here, you know. I read the magazine (feedback). It’s nice, very informative and REAL!  I feel that the video visitation is a horrible idea because it’s the one time for twenty minutes to be free again and be a father and talk to and catch up with your children’s life, to be a husband/boyfriend and speak with your significant other and feel human again. I am for face-to-face visits. It’s the only time we as detainees feel human and are actually connected to our real lives outside of this filthy, overcrowded hell on Earth.

I definitely appreciate you writing me. In here, it’s terrible, they barely want to give us toiletries, soap, lotion. Commissary comes when it wants to, most of the time when it comes half of the items are missing from the order and they are never replaced. It is terrible in here, for sure, I am so ready to get out of here.

I am finding God again and my relationship with him is growing and I am becoming a better person. Could you please pray for me every day? I appreciate it. (I wish I had) some money on my account so I can eat in here because I didn’t get to bring my phone in here so I don’t even have my mother’s # or anybody’s to help me out so I’m on “E,” my account, I mean. But it’s a test every day in here to stay sane and Godly, but I’m maintaining. Thanks for the letter. Have a blessed day…


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