Thankful: a poem

Getting locked up in a jail cell

For something I did not do

I wake up every morning hoping this

Couldn’t be true

But it was a sign for me to come here

Because now I have found you

You’re always here when I need you

When I’m having my UPS and downs

Even when I was at my lowest

Seven days in the pound

It’s been almost two years now

Since I’ve been filled with your word

There’s not a day that passes by

That I know I haven’t been heard

My Lord, you are my friend

My savior and my might

You are the best thing that’s every happened to me

You’ve shown me the light

While temptation and past memories

Are there nearly everyday

I close my eyes and pray

Asking for it all to just go away

It’s time to grow up now

But everything takes time

Nobody said it’s going to be easy

Not as easy as writing this rhyme

But I am grateful for my daily bread

I’m thankful for your love

And I look forward to being with my Lord

When I ascend to the heavens above.

-Melanie Battle


Shout out to my roomie. Britt Bratt, Pinky, Lexx, Chop, and thank you, Ghost.

R.I.P. Niecey

We love and miss u.

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