R.I.P. Uniece “Niecey” Fennell

Uniece Glenae Fennell’s death is a horrible tragedy. We extend our condolences to those who knew and loved Uniece and we hope they can find space to grieve and mourn in peace.

At least this time the public was informed about a death at the jail. That is only because of the fierce struggle for justice undertaken by family, loved ones, friends and community members after Matthew McCain’s death in January 2016.

Uniece is the fourth person since 2015 to die in the Durham County Jail under the direction of Sheriff Mike Andrews. The Durham County Jail does nothing but isolate, abuse, neglect, and kill our friends and family. Though we don’t know the exact circumstances of Uniece’s death, we do know that no one should ever die in jail. Because this jail has already killed so many, and before it kills even more, we say no more jail deaths, no more jail

We are trying to find out more about this tragic death. Please contact us at insideoutsidealliance@gmail.com or 919.666.7854 if you have information.

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Uniece “Niecey” Fennell

  1. No more jail. What so you animals can run the streets to do whatever and kill everyone. If you do not want to go to jail then do not break the law.

      • yes i just ask owner of site to please remove racist jerk trash FRANK post. i hope they do. RIP young teen-child, innocent as you were never proven guilty. hoping the fam sue,and find out more of what happen. if she was in high spirits as i hear prior to her death,then all the sudden why she would off herself. i do not get it, so sad.

    • to the site owner. Please provide effective moderation./supervise site,to keep it pro-active/nice, this white trash who just said something false should have post removed asap thanks, or barred/blocked, appreciate it.

      To the family of Niecy, plz do not give up. sue. and prior find out what has happened, and i do not get why in this specified facility this keep on going on under the current sheriff watch. something is wrong here. im not sure she killed herself,OR was that depressed,but if she did do it,then the jail should be sued/responsible as she legally was a teen-CHILD. under EIGHTEEN, and not grown yet. even adults have a right to safety in prison, and i am so sad for her twin who also died, may both now RIP so painful so sad. rip

    • we’re not saying no more jail.. we’re saying no more deaths in jail! read…… and some people really are innocent. its called charged not convicted…innocent till proven guilty.. especially when the DA”s are with holding vital information that can help free those “charged”

  2. Rip neicey just a baby girl who havent evwn graduated high school and made some of the same mistakes we all do growing up friends. You was just a baby rest in peace twins watch over your mom

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