Why would someone facing prison time quit TROSA?

Just short of two months in the TROSA (Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers) Program, I walked out the door. I’m facing 30-48 months with three years probation. I took time in TROSA. Now, we’ve all got our reasons why we’re looking for a solution and answers to our drug addictions, alcoholism and other habits that cause us harm. I’m a drunk and I was looking for help.

I couldn’t take any notes while at TROSA because they were always going through my things looking for notes because of who I am and that I’m with (IOA) I had asked for drawing paper early on when I was there, and shown someone there a picture I drew of the sheriff and never got it back. But I’ve got lots to say. They’re smart and rich and have fooled so many for so long. I have seen so many people’s lives that TROSA has destroyed and they can’t do nothing about it.

But the truth about TROSA is this: Out of 570 people or so giving time there this year in TROSA, probably 500 of them work an average of 10 hours or more a day 6 days a week, probably around 400 of them work completely for free. But TROSA is getting paid. The other 70 or so are doing jobs that help maintain TROSA housing, by cooking, cleaning, grounds maintenance, and more. Not only are these 400+ working 60 hours a week, around 70 of them besides these long hours are also making TROSA money cleaning up after ball games each week. Oh, they do get tips, a cold small pizza at 2 am and then back to work! As in, back to work if you make it back to your sleeping quarters by 2, you still wake up at 5:30, then take your shower, dress and eat breakfast and get on a bus by 6:20. Just you and about 250 others guys in line to eat…

For people such as myself who worked for lawn care, we work at least 2-3 games straight before getting a break and guess what, after 90 days TROSA will help you get your license as long as it’s not more than $1,500 in fines or other suspensions. So, remember, they’re helping you at TROSA by paying to get your license—so you may work more hours and be more valuable to TROSA! That’s what it comes down to. A while ago in California, I was in a Christian group home where we ran the food bank for the community. Well, we also offered free labor, but we wouldn’t work more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And we took donations for our food bank and for upkeep, and for the residents as well! Never was anyone questioned about taking tips, not like TROSA where you can’t live and they threaten you and ask you to leave if you take a $2 tip, point blank! No sending their tips to their kids or other family members. They might have back child support, but forget it.

It took me a while to see TROSA’s colors, but I would never be so stupid as to ever put my faith in a program as I tried to in TROSA! They call themselves a therapeutic community, but they are no more than a way to con people for profit. I know they say they’re non-profit–I’m sure their bookkeeper is so honest! Anyway, there was no therapy, or talking about our addictions. Just their classes for the first thirty days, and then work, work, work. They won’t let you go to church, draw, exercise, or more. They claim they do, but they don’t. If you are a desperate person, or a desperate family member of someone with an addiction–Don’t get tricked by them. If you’re a person with a good heart who wants to give to a good cause, look closer. You’ll see it’s nothing but a con by pros who don’t give a shit but about their hunger.  I am one of TROSA’s victims and I’m writing this because I truly feel these people (from Kevin McDonald on down) need to be exposed and should be held accountable for their actions and give back to the community they have robbed.

If you’re someone who has seen TROSA for the fraud they are, write to IOA.

-T. P.


8 thoughts on “Why would someone facing prison time quit TROSA?

  1. Wow you totally have no clue you are like the many who have never worked in your life.You feel all things should be given to you and truthfully you did nothing but waste bed space for someone who truly needed wanted and was going to take advantage of the things offered by trosa.
    Its sad people like you are so misguided and most likely have been in and out of jail all your life and was there at torsa only hoping to duck time.I hope when you left they called your probation officer had you arrested and activated your sentence and you do your time where you belong not in a place where people truly want help and want to change there lives thank you for doing us at trosa a favor by leaving.
    I am a trosa grad and i am living life free of addiction and thanks to trosa i have my life back!!!!!!!! /shame on you and anyone else who bad raps anything about trosa!!!!!

      • Drew your response says it all!!!!!!! Would rather be a trosa fuck than a dumb fuck who was given a chance to change there life and pussyed out because they where afraid of a little hard work.

  2. I have nothing but great memories of the program, TROSA gave me tools to use on a daily basis in decisions making and problem solving.

  3. Having working in NC’s boot camp style prison for many many years , a program with a tremendous amount of structure and discipline, which is what TROSA seems to be a lot of .
    Sounds as though you were like a very few of the young men and yes women who went through the boot camp style prison , who didn’t want to put forth the required effort to obtain their goal and stay out of prison , as that was an alternative too prison . I know there are two sides of the story when I hear one , and while researching this program for a friend of a friend , I ran across your experience, and had reservations about TROSA as I read what you had to say , right up until the Point where you blasted the person for making a comment about their experience, and your response told me they were probably right . I realize no program is perfect and maybe your were one of the ones that actually got a raw deal there , at any rate , it sounds like a good program for someone who truly wants to better themselves.
    Good luck to all who will go there and who have been there !

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