‘I am TOTALLY against having ‘visits’ on a screen’

Feb 21 2017


What’s up. Thanks for writing. I’m living, so I can’t complain. I am one of the inmates that’s TOTALLY against having visits on a fucking video screen. It’s already bad enough they read our mail and the phones are tapped, now they want to record us on video. They’re just trying to find another way to railroad inmates and their families. Who wants to drive all the way downtown to “visit” their loved ones on a screen when they’re right in the same building?That’s bogus…Ms. Cynthia Fox, (responding to your piece in the last feedback), first I would like to thank you for protesting and standing up on the behalf of the inmates here at DCJ for the suffering we go through.

…With Lt. Col. Perkins retiring, wonder who’s going to take her place. I hope the county does something about all these people just sitting here for 3,4, and 5 years, they’re just holding us hostage. And the question about Trump: I don’t like him, he is too cocky and fly off his mouth. He couldn’t run a household without the help of a maid, don’t know why people trusted him with their country. I’m an inmate, I don’t matter, so they say.

And if they do happen to switch visits to video they said they’ll be monitored. What if we want to talk about our case with family members. DAMN! Sure can’t do it on the phone or through the mail.

Until next time,


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