‘Fight the real enemy!’

What up,

How ya’ll doing? Shit still fucked up. Tell me this: why the fuck is the A/C on full blast during the winter? Plz answer that for me. It’s freezing in the cells. And when we tell the c.o.’s, they say ‘what can we do about it?’ It’s four days later and the A/C still blowing on full blast. 

The food getting worse, but I already knew they was gone do that.

The bond thing: I mean, I thought bond was to make sure you come to court. See me, I turn myself in. But I’m being held for ransom by the jail. Isn’t being held not of free will kidnapping? I been here 17 months and the state still not ready to go to trial. So why the fuck am I still sitting here. The jail makes money of us sitting here while our lives go to hell. We losing money, houses, cars, time with kids. OUR MINDS!! Know what the D.A.’s say? Fuck them, they don’t matter. Let them rot for a few years in jail then we will give them a plea, and if they don’t take it, let them rot longer. Then try again.

This shit is sad. It’s slavery all over again. We inmates are the field niggers! The c.o.’s are the house niggers! And you have Uncle Toms on both sides.

Look who runs the country. Amerikkka is back. Hopefully it won’t take 400 years to get free this time.

We got to fight back. The first thing we got to stop doing is warring with ourselves. Fight the real enemy!


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