‘Not falling for the trick this system uses…’

Jan 4 2017

Dear —

Hello to you all the IOA. I pray you all had a wonderful holiday season. Yes, I’m still here after 39 months standing strong in my faith. Refusing to bend. Not falling for the trick this system uses (waiting you out) hoping you sign a plea for something you did not do!

Now, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote to you all, so I will sum up all my observations in this one letter.

Treatment from officers: Most give me no problems but there are a few that bring their personal problems to work. Some will “omit” the truth on  statements just to have an inmate locked back. I feel the credibility of the statements made against inmates should be investigated better. You must remember some officers (usually younger ones) mouths are not “prayer books, just because they open and close.” They will lie! But because they are officers we are assumed to be guilty of whatever they say. Although there are witnesses that say differently. But as for me, the “good” officers outweigh the bad. I just stay out of the way of the ones I can’t trust.

Medical: they have gotten better as far as I’m concerned. They still charge the outrageous $20 “co-pay” for sick calls. I basically manage my diabetes through diet now.

Canteen: You can say what you want to say about ex-employee “Bull” (and folks had plenty to say about him!), but since he’s been gone it’s been a mess!! Orders come incomplete and late. No set schedule! We never know when it’s coming. Many common items will be out of stock (How do you run out of Honey Buns!?!). With “Bull” you could count on your canteen coming on Monday and Thursday, I-Cares on Tuesday and Friday, hot trays at lunch time!

Meals: ABL’s food tastes much better, but they don’t have much variety. The food is higher in fiber, which is good for the digestion. I hear people talk about the portion size, yeah some days they could do better, but at least we can eat it, and identify what it is!

…I have included a writing to enter in the art show. I hope it makes the cut. If it is to be read, please contact the following person, who will be pleased to come to the art show: —–

…Thanks for writing and checking on me. Take care and continue doing what you do.

-Justin G.

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