‘Because we need things, we are “needy”‘

this letter was also sent in October.


Thanks so much for the books and letter. I’ve gotten your letter I didn’t write back b/c I just don’t know what to say. I hate it here. I’ve been here 18 months, seen a lot of stuff that human beings shouldn’t have to deal with: being told to piss in the shower because they don’t want to mash a button. The way we are talked to–here’s the thing: everybody in this jail is going through something, some more tragic than others and they don’t need this jail b.s. in their lives. So when a girl of 19 is screaming and crying because she is bleeding from having a miscarriage and no one does nothing, this is the stuff I’m talking about.

They are making physical changes like the food is WAY better. We get fruit 🙂 The guys across the hall got new thick mats today. I hope we get them. They hate 5D. Nobody wants to work it because we aren’t guys and we don’t care how tight your pants are. Really! The guys come first. We can’t get no toilet paper or pads. Because we need these things, we are ‘needy.’ We have to deal with every woman that comes to this jail. Some have major mental health issues. They need special care and can’t get it here. The women need another pod. I’ve seen the multi-purpose room filled wall to wall. No room, it’s crazy. There are lots of fights because we are crammed in here like sardines. I stay in my cell all the time. I come out to get a shower and my tray (oh, we only have 3 showers that have hot water–that’s a big problem). I read, draw, and pray for this to be over. I was charged in 2014, and still waiting–that’s Durham. I shouldn’t be here. I am, so I have to make the best of it. Well, that’s all I have to say…





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